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2019 Colorado Legislative Session

Mar 4, 2019

We track state bills affecting our nonprofit community. These bills include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues particular to the nonprofit sector. For example, tax incentives for charitable giving, updates to the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, or changes to oversight of charitable fundraising under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act.
  • General public policy issues that affect nonprofits. For example, employment and labor issues, health care, education, and state fiscal policy, etc.
  • Issues with a broad impact on nonprofits’ areas of service. For example, government grants and contracting processes, workplace giving by government employees, etc.

2019 Public Policy Agenda

Learn more about the key bills and issues we anticipate working on in 2019!

Public Policy Agenda

Bills supported by Colorado Nonprofit Association

SB 19-006 Electronic Sales and Use Tax Simplification System- This bill authorizes the Colorado Department of Revenue to issue a request for proposals to create an online portal for filing state and local sales and use tax payments.

Reason(s) for support: We support this bill to simplify the process for nonprofits to collect and remit state and local sales taxes to the appropriate jurisdictions.

SB 19-085 Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

  • Authorizes a private right of action for employees that have experienced wage discrimination based on gender.
  • Clarifies that wage differentials by gender may exist if based on systems of seniority, merit, measures of quality/quantity of production, geography, relevant education or training, and regular travel
  • Implements transparency requirements to ensure discussion of wages in the workplace is permitted and protected. This includes requiring salary ranges in job postings and notifying employees of advancement opportunities

Reason(s) for support: A study by DU and the Women’s Foundation found that Colorado gender wage gap will not close until 2057 if progress continues at its current rate. This legislation strengthens the consequences of pay discrimination and implements requirements that allow wage and advancement discussions to be more transparent in the workplace.

National statistics suggest that the gender gap persists within the nonprofit sector in terms of women being underrepresented in executive roles and paid less than male counterparts despite being more than 70 percent of nonprofit sector employees. Although this bill could require some significant changes to employment practices of nonprofits, many of these requirements - such as allowing open discussion of wages in the workplace and posting wage ranges in job openings - are becoming best practices in the sector already.        

2019 Bill Tracker

Our bill tracker lists all the state bills affecting Colorado’s nonprofit community that we are tracking in 2019.

2019 Bill Tracker