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2019 Colorado Legislative Session

May 3, 2019

We track state bills affecting our nonprofit community. These bills include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues particular to the nonprofit sector. e.g. tax incentives for charitable giving, updates to the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, or changes to oversight of charitable fundraising under the Charitable Solicitations Act.
  • General public policy issues that affect nonprofits. For example, employment and labor issues, health care, education, and state fiscal policy, etc.
  • Issues with a broad impact on nonprofits’ areas of service. For example, government grants and contracting processes, workplace giving by government employees, etc.

2019 Public Policy Agenda

Learn more about the key bills and issues for 2019!

Public Policy Agenda   

Association's positions on 2019 Bills

Colorado Nonprofit Association tracked over 60 bills during the 2019 legislative session and took positions on 13 bills.

Bills supported by Colorado Nonprofit Association

HB 19-1164 Child Tax Credit- 1164 would have implemented the state child tax credit starting in 2019 by removing the credit's dependence on passage of the federal Marketplace Fairness Act for sales tax revenue from out-of-state retailers. Even though the Marketplace Fairness Act never passed, sales tax revenue from out-of-state retailers is anticipated as a result of the Supreme Court's decision in South Dakota vs. Wayfair.

We support this bill to help lift more families out of poverty, enhance their economic opportunities, and help reduce their reliance on public assistance programs and nonprofit services. Unfortunately, the House Appropriations Committee did not move the bill forward.

HB 19-1228 Increase Tax Credit Allocation Affordable Housing - increases the annual cap on affordable housing tax credits issued by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority from $5 million to $10 million. We support 1228 to increase resources available for affordable housing in Colorado.

HB 19-1239 Census Outreach Grant Program - creates a $6 million grant program in 2019 for Census outreach by nonprofits and local governments to hard to count communities. We support 1239 because it helps nonprofits reach populations who may not be counted otherwise in the 2020 Census. Nonprofits depend on a complete count for an accurate picture of the communities they serve. Colorado stands to lose $2,300 in federal funding for each person who is not counted and an undercount could prevent Colorado from obtaining an 8th Congressional seat. 

Visit our webpage for updates on the rollout of the program.

Census Outreach Grant Program

HB 19-1245 Affordable Housing Funding from Vendor Fee Changes - generates additional funding for affordable housing by capping the vendor fee at $1,000 per month and increasing it from 3.33% to 4%. We support 1245 because it will generate more funding for affordable housing and reduces the sales tax burden for 98% of Colorado's businesses.

HB 19-1257 & 1258 Allocate Voter-approved Revenue For Education & Transportation  - refers a measure to the 2019 ballot (Proposition CC) asking permission to keep and use TABOR rebates for education (1/3), higher education, (1/3) and transportation (1/3). We support this bill because investing more in our education and transportation systems will strengthen the workforce for Colorado's nonprofits and increase economic opportunity for Colorado's families. 

Visit our webpage for updates on this policy.

Voter-approved revenue for education and transportation

HB 19-1262 State Funding For Full-day Kindergarten - provides state funding to schools for full-day kindergarten programs. We support this bill because investing more in early childhood education increased economic opportunity for families served by nonprofits. It also increases the quality of education received by Colorado's kids as they develop into the future workforce for nonprofits.

HB 19-1323 Occasional Sales by Charitable Organizations- increases the exemption amount from $25,000 to $45,000 for occasional sales by nonprofit organizations and removes the 12-day limit on an occasional sale. We support 1323 because it modernizes this law and simplifies sales tax collection rules for nonprofits. Visit our webpage for more information.

Occasional sales by nonprofit organizations

SB 19-006 Electronic Sales and Use Tax Simplification System - authorizes the Department of Revenue and Office of Information Technology to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an online electronic portal for paying state and local sales taxes. We support this bill to simplify how nonprofits collect and remit state and local sales taxes.

SB 19-085 Equal Pay for Equal Work Act- establishes a right to file civil actions for wage differentials based on sex. Establishes transparency requirements for employers regarding discussion of wages in the workplace including notification of current employees of job opportunities, listing wage ranges on job postings, prohibiting salary history requests from employers, etc.

We support this bill because it helps address wage differentials based on sex, whether they are experienced by people served by nonprofits or by nonprofit employees. SB 19-085 will require some changes in nonprofits' workplaces but we expect this will ultimately increase transparency and economic opportunities for all current and prospective employees. Click here to view a fact sheet.

SB 19-173 Colorado Secure Savings Board - establishes a board to explore options for increasing retirement savings in Colorado and study the feasibility of establishing a retirement plan for employees that do not have access to a plan through their employers. We support this bill because it helps employees of nonprofits that cannot afford to offer retirement savings plans. The board could also identify opportunities to allow more nonprofits to offer retirement plans. 

SB 19-235 Automatic voter registration - expands Colorado’s automatic voter registration law by requiring the DMV, county agencies that administer Medicaid, and other voter registration agencies to share records with the Secretary of State. County clerks will send a notice advising eligible electors that they have been registered to vote unless they return the notice in order to decline registration. Electors will be registered as unaffiliated unless they return the notice to affiliate with a party. We support this bill because it would facilitate the work of nonprofits that engage in nonpartisan voter registration. 

Other Bills 

SB 19-169 Project Management Competencies for Certain Contracts - the bill concerns implementing best practices of project management regarding state IT contracts. Sponsors removed a provision that we opposed that required private contractors to purchase and use time tracking software for work done on computers.

The software would have been burdensome to use for staff of nonprofits because it would take screenshots every three minutes and track actions such as mouse clicks and website visits. Also, the software would not have been necessary or applicable to service-based contracts. 

2019 Bill Tracker

Our bill tracker lists all the state bills affecting Colorado’s nonprofit community that we are tracking in 2019.

2019 Bill Tracker