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Colorado Charitable Solicitations Rule Review

May 10, 2016

On May 6, we submitted comments on a rule review of the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act conducted by the Colorado Secretary of State's office. Our comments focus on clarifying when it is appropriate for the Secretary to request an amended Form 990, rules for registration for internet solicitations, and information about registration processes.

During the rule review process, the Secretary requested comments on the following:

  1. Whether the rule is necessary;
  2. Whether the rule overlaps or duplicates other rules of the agency, or other federal, state, or local government rules;
  3. Whether the rule is written in plain language and is easy to understand;
  4. Whether the rule has achieved the desired intent and whether more or less regulation is necessary;
  5. Whether the rule needs to be amended to give more flexibility, reduce regulatory burdens or reduce unnecessary paperwork or steps while maintaining its benefits;
  6. Whether the rule is implemented in an efficient and effective manner, including the requirements for the issuance of permits and licenses;
  7. Whether a cost-benefit analysis was performed by the applicable rule-making agency or official in the principal department pursuant to section 24-4-103 (2.5), C.R.S.; and
  8. Whether the rule is adequate for the protection of safety, health, and welfare of the state or its residents

Current rules can be found here. Click here to view all comments received during the rule review. We will provide additional information when changes to the rules are adopted.

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