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Colorado's 2016 Ballot Measures

Oct 24, 2016

Colorado Nonprofit Association supports public policies that strengthen nonprofits and communities. We encourage you to consider our positions as you determine how your nonprofit will respond to these measures. Colorado has nine measures on the 2016 ballot and one measure on the seven county metro area ballot. 

Ballot Measures We Support:

We are neutral on the following measures:

  • Amendment 69 - Failed Creates ColoradoCare: a cooperative to manage the state's healthcare coverage that is funded by taxes rather than premiums
  • Amendment 71 - Passed Makes amending the constitution harder by requiring signatures from each CO Senate district and 55% approval for future amendments.
  • Amendment U - Failed Eliminates property taxes on individuals and businesses for private use of government-owned property worth $6,000 or less. 
  • Proposition 106 - Passed Allows patients to request and take medication to aid in dying. 
  • Proposition 107 - Passed Holds a presidential primary in Colorado in 2020 and allows unaffiliated voters to participate. 
  • Proposition 108 - Passed Allows Colorado’s unaffiliated voters to participate in nonpresidential state and local primaries. 

Download our 2016 state ballot issues guide