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Renew the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD)

Jul 25, 2016

Results - Passed! (Denver Post)

Yes 62.5% (796,795 votes)

No 37.4% (477,996 votes)

For nearly 30 years, the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) has supported arts and cultural organizations throughout the seven county Metro area. SCFD allows nonprofit organizations of all sizes to develop diverse programming that offers something for both residents and tourists alike. This funding supports the ability of these vital nonprofits to adjust to economic changes while continuing to serve our communities well.

How SCFD Works:

  • Levies a 1 cent sales tax on every ten dollars spent in the Metro area
  • Nearly $60 million in funding goes to arts and cultural organizations of various sizes (Tiers I, II, and III
  • County Cultural Councils make decisions regarding priories and funding allocations

Who Benefits from SCFD?

  • Residents – Over 14.6 million residents enjoy access to cultural organizations annually.
  • Communities – 4.2 million students have access to cultural experiences, largely through community-based organizations.
  • Economy – SCFD generates $1.85 billion in economic activity, provides 10,205 jobs throughout our communities, and attacts tourists to the area.

Key Funding Changes:

  • Funding to Tier 1 organizations would decrease by $37.3 million over 12 years.
  • Funding to Tier 2 would increase by $22 million over 12 years.
  • Funding to Tier 3 organizations would increase by $15.3 million over 12 years.

Colorado Nonprofit Association's position

We support Issue 4B to renew SCFD because it would allow residents and visitors to provide over $60 million in support to arts and cultural organizations throughout the Denver metro area.

By having a secure source of funding for our arts and cultural organizations in the area, SCFD allows Colorado's donors and funders to increase their support for a broader range of nonprofit organizations throughout the state.

If SCFD is not renewed, this would drastically reduce funding to arts and cultural organizations in the metro area and increase competition among Colorado nonprofits for limited grants and donations.

Voting Yes on SCFD will increase the share of funding for small and mid-sized arts and cultural organizations and improve their overall effectiveness, creating a better quality of life for all Coloradans.

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