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Support Census Funding for Colorado's Nonprofits

May 3, 2019

HB 19-1239 would provide up to $6 million to support the ability of nonprofits to reach historically undercounted populations throughout Colorado for the 2020 Census. Census data ensure a clear picture and accurate information on the people who live in the United States, as well as the communities nonprofits will serve over the next decade. This is half of the $12 million recommended to truly reach $1.5 milllion Coloradans.

Colorado's fair share of federal assistance and Congressional representation is also at stake. For each person that is counted, Colorado receives an estimated $2,300 per person per year in terms of education, transportation, health and human services funding, and more. Due to population growth, Colorado is also projected to gain an 8th Congressional seat. 

However, these outcomes depend on having the most complete count possible. In 2010, about three out of every ten Coloradans were not counted. Outreach for the 2020 Census is considerably underfunded and participation is likely to be reduced if a citizenship question remains on the form

1239 has passed the House and Senate and will be sent to the Governor's desk.