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#CoNpConf Presenter Social Media Toolkit

Aug 27, 2019


Congrats again on being selected as an official #CoNpConf workshop presenter! We need your help to spread the word and share your excitement about attending the #CoNpConf. Our toolkit is an excellent place to get started.

Since conference attendees get to choose which workshops they attend, it’s good to get the word out about your session as soon as possible. Your goal is standing-room-only status. 

Don’t forget to follow Colorado Nonprofit Association on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date as the event grows near. For any conference-related social media posts, please use the official hashtag #CoNpConf. The event webpages can be found here.

Happy sharing!


Colorado Nonprofit Association Social Media

Tag the Association in your posts! 

Facebook - @coloradononprofits

Twitter - @cononprofits

LinkedIn - @coloradononprofitassociation       

Instagram - @cononprofits


Official Hashtag



Key Messages

- Conference attendees will choose their own adventure, customizing an experience that leaves them better equipped to lead within their organization and better their community.

- Join hundreds of nonprofit professionals from across the state to explore different pathways to solving our communities’ most significant challenges and learn how taking uncharted trails may lead you to even better destinations.

- Conference attendees can choose from over 100 educational sessions on fundraising, leadership, board governance, technology, finances, volunteer management and so much more!

- Colorado Nonprofit Association is committed to creating a conference environment where nonprofit professionals from across the state gather to explore different pathways to solve our communities’ most significant challenges and to learn how taking uncharted paths can result in better outcomes.



Download the customizable presenter graphic HERE!

Download and share any of the social media images found HERE!


Social Media Content

Get attendees excited on social media by simply filling in the blanks with your information and posting to your desired social channel.


Twitter Content

Proud to be presenting at @cononprofits’ #CONpConf in October 2019! Learn more at

We’ll be at @cononprofits #CONpConf in Denver, will you?! Learn more about the conference at

Join me at #CoNpConf! I promise, you won’t want to miss my presentation, [TITLE], about [TOPIC]! ->

Are you attending #CoNpConf? Make sure to add my presentation, [TITLE], about [TOPIC] on October [DATE] at [TIME] a.m./p.m. to your schedule! ->

#CONpConf early bird registration is LIVE! Join us at Pathways to [im]Possible in Denver this October! Register at


Facebook & LinkedIn Content

Here a few ways to begin your post - 

- Proud to be presenting at @cononprofits #CONpConf in October 2019! 

- We’ll be at @cononprofits #CONpConf in Denver, will you?! 

- Come join us at @cononprofits #CONpConf!

- We can’t wait to see you at @cononprofits #CONpConf

Ideas for the body - 

Include your presentation title, presenter, date, time, key takeaways, etc.

And, a few ways to end your post - 

- Register at

- Learn more at

- Early bird registration is LIVE at

-  See you in Denver at #CoNpConf ->


Promote Your Session During the Conference Too

- Provide your social handles so attendees can connect after the session, and check your platforms after your session for additional questions/discussions.

- Post an hour before your session to generate conversation and excitement.

- Make your slides available to the public—provide them to the Association for sharing.

- Post your slides on your social channels, blog or send via email marketing when they are available.

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