2021 Colorado Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey

The Colorado Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey publishes every two years helping nonprofits set competitive compensation packages.

The Salary & Benefits Survey Includes:

  • Salary data broken out by organization budget, focus of service and region
  • Information on minimum experience required and level of education
  • Detailed salary information for Executive Directors
  • Information on insurance benefits, including health, dental and life & disability insurance
  • Information on leave time, salary increases & bonuses

This year’s survey data is supplemented with calculated 2018 salary data to ensure you receive as much information as possible. Please review the participant profile and table of contents for more information on the supplemented data. 

Did you participate in the Survey? Participants receive a 50% discount on the publication. For information on accessing your discount, contact Amy Black at ablack@coloradononprofits.org.


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