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Strengthening Community One Member at a Time

Jul 24, 2019

Hi! My name is Mariah Taylor. I joined the Colorado Nonprofit Association early this year in late January of 2019 as the new Membership Coordinator. You may also know me from the other programs that I manage, such as the Nonprofit Legal Audit Clinic, the Pro Bono Legal Group, and the Safety Group.

With previous experience studying sociology and a passion for social justice, I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Colorado Nonprofit Association team and contribute to each of our programs. 

I feel privileged each day to be working and speaking with our members and ensuring they have access to all of the wonderful benefits we offer. I love my job because every day I have the opportunity to support organizations throughout the state in strengthening the communities they serve, and as a result, strengthening the state of Colorado as a whole. I share the Colorado Nonprofit Association dream of creating a strong nonprofit sector in Colorado and every day I strive to make that dream come true.

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